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Our team consists of different specialists operating around real estate industry. Understanding and interpreting our clients’ everyday needs is an essential part of our skill set. Our goal is that our design reflects their personality and responds to their individual lifestyle, tastes and aspirations. We gathered our experience to provide bespoke turnkey projects.

Our team


Customer Service in Cracow

The adventure with home staging for Karolina began prosaically, from redecorating her own room. Assisting with our interior design projects, she developed a true passion for home staging. Shewanders with determination through hectares of shopping areas and websites to find the perfect pieces of the puzzle. All assignments, even the most trivial ones, she approaches with professionalism and commitment. Studying Marketing, she is gaining knowledge in advertisingand PR.

Agnieszka Piątkowska

Interior designer


In Agnieszka’s projects we will find a compilation of aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality. While designing, she does not impose his vision against the customer’s expectations. She collects ideas during hours of coversation with the investors and thanks to her creativity she makes their dreams come true. Taking care of every element of design, starting from the building materials, through the flooring, ending with household appliances, she does not forget about the details. The color of light bulbs or cup pad will become elements forming a coherent composition. The added value of her projects are self-made decorations. Privately she is a horse lover – both fourhooved and these from the horsepower :).


Estate agent


Justyna owns a modern real-estate agency in Cracow. She complements our portfolio with professional service in the field of real-estate trade. Both Mieszkanie od A do Z’s team and our customers appreciate Justyna for excellent knowledge of the real estate market, efficient transaction service, but most of all for the great attitude to the customer. Providing services at the highest level, she is devoted to her work and makes customer’s dreams about the perfect apartment or house come true.


Customer Service in Mielec


Ola brought a lot of joy to ‘Mieszkanie od A do Z’. In our team she is responsible for cooperating with clients in Mielec and surrounding areas. She thoroughly searches for offers, earnestly answers all questions and eagerly shows the properties. She approaches all duties with her usual commitment and enthusiasm. Her patience and empathy help to bring an accurate analysis of the customer’s needs, who appreciates Ola’s smile and professionalism. Privately animal lover and cinema-goer. Beside that she’s passionate about traveling, likes to explore new places and is particularly interested in greek cuisine, customs and nature.

Konrad Dziubek

Financial analyst


These days buying an apartment is more and more a business venture. Konrad Dziubek helps the investors who want to accommodate their savings this way. Being the Sales Director of Gemini Poland – a financial advisory company – he can introduce our customers to an analysis of the current real estate market situation and calculate the profitability of purchase for rent or resale. For those who are in need of external finance, he will choose the right solution and help in negotiations with the seller. His attitude to work in finances represents the highest commitment and professionalism. During many years of work he has gained a knowledge in the field of mortgages and cash loans. He has learned negotiation techniques not only by working in his profession, but also during a 21-year-old marathon of weekly chess duels with his grandfather, which have taught him how to overtake the opponent’s moves.


Construction manager, supervision inspector


Building license No:
MAP/0269/OWOS/06, MAP/0167/OWOK/12, Członek MOIIB nr MAP/IS/0127/07


‘Mieszkanie od A do Z’ is an apartment, but sometimes also a house from A to Z!”. According to this joke, in our team there could not miss an experienced construction engineer with the licensed permissions without restrictions. Reach portfolio of residential and commercial investments in Poland is the evidence od his big experience. Michał will help you go through every step of the complex proces, which is to build a house. Coordination of getting a building permition procedure and arranging a construction crew is a piece of cake for him compared to the daily coordination of his energetic childrens’ actions 🙂


Computer graphics


‘Dream County’ Advertising Agency, which is led by Maciej Ramus is a magical place. Some elements of this magic can be found in our projects, especially those aimed at the most demanding customers. He uses years of experience in computer graphics to design photomurals, glass-, wall- and other graphics. Maciek is also a valuable suport for our team in creating photorealistic visualizations. He’s always full of ideas, smiling and willing to help. Privately an exemplary husband and a father, as well as a poker enthusiast.


Parquetry service


Since many years Darek is specialized in laying and renovating floors. The smell of wood has accompanied him since an early childhood, because he had been introduced to this profession by his father. He runs a family company, which has finalized many private and commercial-use projects. Darek offers full services of wooden flooring sale and installation and gives professional advice both before and during all stages of work.